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Embers Adrift Adds Hair Visual Upgrades, and Revamps Defense System Ahead of a Free Weekend

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Embers Adrift will hold its free weekend starting on Friday, January 27th, but this week’s patch makes a series of improvements and changes ahead of the event. The promised hair visual upgrade also makes it into the game.

This week's update is mostly about fixes and improvements. There are some new additions, including a revamp of the active defense system and the promised visual upgrade for hair. The act of defense system has been re-tooled in order to add some nuances to avoiding, parrying, and blocking. While the team says that avoiding hasn't changed much, and still mitigates the full incoming attack, parrying and blocking get some changes that should lead to adjusted strategies. 

If you parry an attack, you'll get a fixed damage mitigation, and the attack will be disadvantaged, giving you a chance to counter attack. If you block an attack, it will mitigate some damage based on a dice roll. Two handed weapons get what is called block value, which will represent the range of damage reduction from successful blocks. These are the changes as is for now, but they also include that a thread reduction component for avoiding will probably come in the future.

The other big change is the hair visual upgrade. When Embers Adrift launched about four months ago, a lot of the hairstyles looked patchy and incomplete due to a transparency issue. If you played since then, you probably noticed this and it has been a frequent request from the community to fix this. Stormhaven Studios has fixed the hair visual issues, noting that If your character had some hair problems, you can edit your character's appearance from the selection screen to take advantage of the new visuals. 

The rest of the update is concerned with some improvements, like fixing incorrect colors and text, fixing missing colliders, UI improvements, and more. 

Read the full patch notes at Embers Adrift.


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