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Emberlight is an Upcoming Rogue-like Dungeon Crawler Headed to Steam

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Emberlight is a forthcoming rogue-like dungeon crawler that is headed to Steam on August 13th. The game features procedurally generated dungeons and sends players off on a number of quests "in the name of the Ember Order". Players will need to absorb enemy abilities as they race through the dungeon. As enemy abilities are absorbed, they are synthesized into Ember Powers that can corrupt the player's soul. The most corrupted will kill off their former team members at the end of a dungeon run.

Typically lasting 30-60 minutes, dungeons afford players the chance to customize their play by absorbing enemy abilities. However, each ability taken corrupts the soul of the character. At the end of the dungeon, the most corrupted team member "will kill off his former allies in an epic battle".

 This corrupted being will then begin attracting evil around them and will act as a boss in a future quest once their influence has expanded enough. They will have all the powers you have provided them during the run, providing a never-ending challenge in future runs. For every corrupted boss, a stronger party is required to defeat them. And the cycle repeats......forever?

Learn more on the Emberlight site.


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