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Ember Sword's Pledges Reach Over $203 Million for NFT Community Land Sale

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Do you like NFTs? Do you immediately not think of a cereal brand when you hear the word “blockchain?” If so, you’re in luck. Blockchain MMORPG, Ember Sword, has announced they’ve received over $203 million dollars in pledges in their second community NFT land sale.

In their accompanying press release, Bright Star Studios today announced 34,791 community Ember Sword members collectively pledged $203,784,720 towards in-game land purchases during its second NFT community land sale.

This follows news we reported earlier this month which saw over 14,000 applicants for the land sale. Regarding this latest sale, Bright Star Studios and Ember Sword CEO, Mark Laursen, noted,

“We are working to develop a player-driven economy that allows gamers to earn rewards and make money through in-game activities, including the creation of unique, tradable NFT items. The massive success of this land sale is a testament to the excitement that the gaming community has around our mission.”

Laursen continued, discussing the merits of land ownership within Ember Sword,

“Owning land in Ember Sword allows gamers to share in trading fees and other game services within the game world, leveraging Ethereum to empower community members through democratizing the game economy. We see this as the tip of the iceberg for a new monetization model and way to empower players and artists.”

We’ve actually written about blockchain MMOs previously. If you need a crash course on what exactly blockchain is, check out this interview. We also explored the idea of the rise of blockchain MMOs.

[Edit: Updated the article to reflect that the 203 million is a pledge amount]


Poorna Shankar