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Ember Sword Will Hold Pre-Alpha Technical Testing in April

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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A technical test for Ember Sword will be taking place in April. The team at Bright Star Studios is ramping up development in 2022, and the pre-alpha technical test is a big part of that.

The planned dates for the pre-alpha technical tests are April 4-8, 18th to 19th, and April 25th. The technical test is a stress test in the pre-alpha stage, so there will be a limited area to play and test, but it will give players a chance to get a taste of what is coming. All while they stress the servers and give the developers feedback and data that they need.

The tests will be open to all landowners and badge holders. This includes those who bought their land or badges through Bright Star directly or through the secondary market. What the testing also means is that the next land sale will be delayed as a result of these scheduled tests.

One of the things they are reiterating is that Ember Sword is designed as a game first with crypto second. In their description, they flip the recently popular phrase “play to earn“ to play and earn, where the MMORPG comes first, and the combination can be rewarding for those who want it.

There will be an in-depth blog post with all the details about the tests coming on March 21st, but for now we know that the testing is coming. On April 4 there will be a live stream showing off the build to everyone, so even those who I have not yet invested can get an idea of what’s already there and how things will play.

After these technical tests, we expect more news on when the next land sale will be, as well as what they learn from these tests that will affect that and the ongoing road to alpha.

See the announcement details over at the Ember Sword Discord.


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