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Ember Sword Gears Up for Next Land Sale, Applications Required

Steven Weber Posted:
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The upcoming blockchain-based MMORPG Ember Sword is getting ready for their next Solarwood land sale. The upcoming sale is hot on the heels of a previous madcap free-for-all land sale that resulted in a comprehensive post mortem investigation of issues.

If you’re interested in the sandbox world of Ember Sword and you’re hoping to purchase your own plot of paradise within the game, you’ll need to head over to the official site and put in an application before you’ll be able to make a purchase. There are 4 plot-types that you’ll be able to purchase, from a small regular plot, about the size of a single screen, to an entire city plot, which would house multiple structures, guild houses, portals, trading posts, and much more. Plots vary wildly in costs. Below is a breakdown of what each plot would cost, and the number of plot-types available:

  • 1 Regular Plot - 40 USDC | 5,657 Available
  • 1 Settlement Plot – 400 USDC | 223 Available
  • 4 Town Plots – 8000 USDC | 14 Available
  • 16 City Plots – 80,000 USDC | 4 Available

It’s important to also note that prices during this land sale are discounted 50 percent, which means that each of these plots will eventually cost double the listed price in the future. The land sale will require that interested parties own a cryptocurrency wallet, and pay in USDC (United States Dollar Coin) which is a stable coin that is resistant to price fluctuations and generally keeps a 1 to 1 value with the US Dollar.

The application process will run from the 8th to the 31st of July, with submission being ranked until the 16th of August, where players will then be notified if they’ve been accepted to make a purchase. The application process requests that players describe their reasoning for the land sale, including what they’ve done to enrich the Ember Sword community thus far.

Large plots that have been purchased, such as Town or City plots, can later be split and sold in pieces. Despite players owning land plots, the resources, buildings, and monsters on their plot of land will be accessible to all players who play Ember Sword and does not inherently grant land owners an unfair advantage. The major advantage for land owners, is that they will receive real currency from the estate your plot belongs to.

Ember Sword is currently in pre-alpha, with plans for a wider scale of alphas in 2022, and the release of the first area, Solarwood. Developer Brightstar has built their own proprietary engine and server infrastructure to run the game, with plans to release the game globally on both Mac and PC, with mobile cross-play support post launch.


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