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Ember Sword Brings Former WoW Lead Rob Pardo and 20 Gaming Execs and Influencers On Board for New Investment Round

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 When it comes to Ember Sword, there's a lot of promise in the development of the Pay-to-Earn (P2E)MMORPG and a new investment and consulting round shows some significant support for the future of Bright Star Studios’ game.

New investment deal was organized between the studio and BITKRAFT Ventures and adds 20 gaming executives and influencers on board to support both the development on the MMO side and how to leverage the blockchain technology to support the P2E venture.

Some of those on board with this new deal include Rob Pardo, the former Chief Creative Officer at Blizzard Entertainment and the lead designer of World of Warcraft, Dennis “Thresh” Fong, pro gamer and founder of Xfire, Lithium, and GGWP, YouTuber Dr DisRespect, and Kevin Lin, the co-founder of Twitch. Pardo and Fong will serve as advisors to the Bright Star team.

In a release announcing the new venture, Pardo noted enthusiasm for Ember Sword and its rewarding approach. “MMORPG worlds are traditionally still inaccessible as they require significant downloads, have moments of low engagement, and are in a closed market, meaning there is no way for the players to generate real-world value,” he says. The ability for the community to invest and earn has proven an attractive focal point.

Bright Star CEO also talked the studio’s approach to Ember Sword as a whole. “While still in Alpha mode, the Ember Sword community is 200,000 strong, with a growth rate of 1981% this year. In August, 35,000 gamers collectively pledged more than $203 million to purchase virtual plots of land in the Ember Sword’s world,” he said. The statement also emphasizes the community influence and potential for newcomers to the MMORPG space being able to invest their time, creative efforts, and potentially be rewarded in the player-driven economy.

Head to the official site for more on Ember Sword. For what this NFT and blockchain potential might be as it comes to MMOs, see our recent interview (part one here, and part two here) with Bright Star’s Loren Roosendaal. 


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