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Elysium Lost is a Mobile Medieval Fantasy Game Available for Pre-Registration Now

Steven Weber Posted:
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Chinese mobile developer 9Splay has recently released their medieval fantasy game, Elysium Lost in China and other global markets in October of 2021. The English translated version is currently still in development, but preregistration is now open for those looking for their next mobile MMO.

9Splay may not be a particularly popular developer. The development studio, helmed by the board of 9Splay Entertainment Technology Co Ltd has currently released one game to market in the west called Abysswalker. Currently Abysswalker has seen over 100 thousands downloads to date, with an average rating of 3.9 on the Play Store, and has been generally well-received. Elysium Lost will be the next game from 9Splay to hit the market, and aims to provide and epic story adventure, a dual talent system, cross server battles and more.

Whether Elysium Lost will deliver on creating more than a homogenous rebranding of the generic MMO formula is yet to be seen. Early gameplay from the Chinese version suggests that game will have mounts, four base classes with additional subclasses, auto-play battles and plenty of award pop-ups to keep you rummaging through your menus while you continue along your quest. 9Splay Entertainment currently has about 185 employees and works on numerous titles globally. It was founded in November of 2013, and has since released a number of games for the Chinese markets, some of which have amassed hundreds of thousands of downloads.

Lost Elysium will undoubtedly follow suit with some of its other titles and utilize a cash shop which will be heavily reliant on cash-currency. According to the official 9Splay website for the Chinese Global Version of Lost Elysium, Ruby packs range anywhere from 600 Rubies for 10 dollars USD, all the way up to a 54,000 Ruby pack, which will run players a staggering 892.49 USD. There currently is no exact release date for the English version, but preregistration will grant players an exclusive Phantom Panther mount upon release.


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