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Elysian Caches to Be Removed in Today's Anthem Update

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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When the v1.1.1 update goes live in Anthem, it will come with a number of bug fixes, but also with the removal of the Elysian Caches, a reward mechanic that was put in place about a month ago. Elysian Caches rewarded players with better chances for obtaining cosmetic gear, though BioWare said that "they were always planned as a temporary thing". The door isn't shut, however, on a possible return in the future.

Elysian Caches each contain one of 162 possible vanity or crafting items, and four caches will appear at the end of each Stronghold. Everyone in your squad will be able to get the rewards from all the chests – if, of course, you have the right keys. You can get Elysian Keys by completing daily challenges, and either save up enough to open every cache yourself or have everyone on your team contribute a key of their own.

You can read the full update notes on the Anthem Reddit.


Suzie Ford

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