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Elyon's North American And European Servers Are Being Merged Into Single Server For Each Region

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Kakao has started to detail the process of merging its Elyon North American and European servers into a single server for each region. Additionally, the team at Elyon detailed the process and when this might take place, with the first steps in the process happening in early January 2022.

Elyon, the MMORPG formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm, is going to see it's North American and European servers merged into a single server each: Andromeda for Europe and Cassiopeia for North America. Kakao states that while this has been planned since the initial launch rush ended, the team wants to ensure it's done right and with as little fuss for players as possible.

As a result, the plan is to do the merges in mid-February 2022, though the team at Elyon is quick to state that this time-frame is "not set in stone."

"While we understand that this is something a lot of players are looking forward to since the initial launch rush ended, our primary goal is to ensure the merge procedure covers all of your game data safely and accurately. The current plan is to perform the merge in mid-February, however this is not set in stone and deviations may occur. Details for the merge will be shared at a future date, there are nonetheless actions that we are taking very soon."

In the meantime, Elyon players will see new account creation on some servers end on January 5th, 2022, specifically the European servers of Sagittarius and Perseus, and the North American server of Eridanus. Kakao promises that existing players on affected servers will still be able to play, create new characters and more normally, and content will still be available normally, including through the Matchmaker, which matches players across servers.

You can check out the full post on the Elyon website. In the meantime, Elyon's development isn't slowing down some as a new class is being introduced here in the near future. Coming on January 12th, Elyon's new Archer class hopes to bring new long-range combat styles to the MMORPG, dealing more damage the further they are from the target.


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