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Elyon's First New Class Since Launch, the Archer, Coming on January 12th

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Elyon is set to get its first all-new class since launch, the Archer, on January 12th. There’s a shiny new trailer for the class to give a taste of the new long-range combatant in action, along with a pre-registration event for the class that will also get you some Archer-specific rewards.

The Archer is, naturally, a ranged attacker, and in Elyon, the new class will actually do more damage the further away they are from their targets. Their arrows can also drain energy from enemies, for another advantage. And they’re able to detect stealthed enemies with their high perception. Clearly, if you’re one of their targets, there are new strategic elements to work with, and the Archer sounds like a useful class to have on your side too.

The pre-registration event for the class involves either signing up for or already being a newsletter subscriber. Once that’s confirmed, you’ll get an Epic Grade +8 Bow and Epic Grade +8 Quiver when the Archer is out in just a couple of weeks. On January 12th, the current Mana Awakening season ends, so the new class arrives right at the beginning of the new season. 

Elyon’s latest update, out today, updated the dungeon schedule. The update also continues the Christmas events, with two new ones opening today: Part-timer Santa and Santa Drops. Part-timer Santa is just what it sounds like. You’ll be able to help out Santa by grabbing the daily quest In Need of a Helping Hand after you get a Part-timer Resume through a 30-minute playtime reward.

Santa Drops involves Santa’s airship dropping gifts through conflict zones. So you’ll be able to go into those zones and grab what you can. Both of these events reward Shiny Snowflakes to trade for special items or boxes.

For the full update notes, head over to Elyon.


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