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Elyon's First Event, Harth Leaderboards, is Here For You to Rack Up the Rewards

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The latest update for Elyon brings a special new addition, the Harth Leaderboard event. This event will last from today through November 24th and will let you rack up some points towards a series of potential rewards, including scroll boxes and a pet.

There is a series of tasks that are repeatable and award a certain amount of points to your total. Some of these include kill 10 monsters for one point, kill any boss for 20 points, participating in a Realm War, which gets you 200 points, or even ranking up to level 40 for a 400 point prize. For the PVPers, killing a player will net you five points. This one is repeatable, but you’ll only get points for the first time you kill a particular player.

As for the rewards, they will be distributed based on how many points you got and what milestone you reached on the leaderboard. If you are between 1 and 10, you’ll get a 30 day Celestial Weapon Box and a Legendary Reset Scroll Selection Box. If your final rank is between 31 and 100 in milestone numbers, you’ll get a tuxedo cat pet for your account permanently unlocked.

If you battle through to reach 1000 points you’ll get a large room powder patch. For 10,000 points, if you hit that mark you’ll get a luminous selection box of grade 2. There are new weapons for each faction to be obtained as well, so keep aiming higher as you go through your list of tasks, the range of which offer something for all kinds of players.

Since this is the first time an event like this is running in Elyon, the team is looking for feedback and going slowly. You can find out more at the official event announcement at the Elyon site.


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