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Elyon's Closed Beta Test Will Start May 6th

Registrations Now Officially Open

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Elyon (the MMORPG formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm) has officially announced the dates for its upcoming Western Closed Beta test. Starting on May 6th, players will be able to jump into the world of Elyon in the West in the first of many tests moving foward.

The news was detailed on Elyon's official Discord with a legnthy FAQ explaining some more details about the test. The CBT1 as it's being called will run from May 6th through May 10th with both European and North American servers to test out. The European server is hosted in the Netherlands while the NA server is housed in California. 

The CBT1 for Elyon will be available to most countries in Europe, North America and Oceania, allowing players to check out the long-awaited Korean MMO for the first time. The team also talked about the state of the MMORPG and how the current build fits in with the eventual release build when Elyon hits the West officially in the future. The team shed some light on the current plans with respect to the Western build and how it will compare with the version currently available now in Korea.

" [T]he CBT1 build is quite far from our target release build. We are aiming to launch Elyon on a version as close to the Korean one as we can, with localization speed being the deciding factor. In the beginning of the service we will be a bit behind in terms of content, it is nonetheless our goal to catch up and shrink the gap between Korea and the west ASAP."

It should be noted as well that the Ruby Shop, Elyon's in-game shop, will not be available for testing in this first closed beta test. The developers explained it was due to them still locking down their cash shop and the items offered and did not want to foster "misconceptions regarding the state of monetization." Players interested in some of the items can get them from a vendor for one gold during the duration of the test. 

Registrations for the first closed beta test are ongoing now through April 25th and the team is stressing that not everyone who applies will get into the first closed beta.  However, for those who do get into the beta, there is no NDA, so it'll be available to stream and check out videos after the fact for those who are eager for more information. You can register on the Elyon website here. If you want to learn even more about Elyon, make sure to catch their AMA this week.


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