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Elyon's Beta Extended, Will Be Closing On May 11th Now Due To Initial Issues

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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In case you missed it, Elyon's closed beta will be extended by 24 hours, thanks to the initial stumble out the gates when the MMORPG's much anticipated first Western test hit on Thursday.

The MMORPG formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm initially launched its first closed beta test on Thursday, May 6th, though, predictably not everything went as smooth as can be hoped. For most of the first day of the test the North American server wasn't accepting log-ins, forcing many players to either play on the European servers or simply wait until they were fixed. Betas don't go smoothly very often, so it wasn't out of the ordinary for there to be issues in the first place, but pretty early on the Elyon team said that the test itself would be extended as recompense to those players who were unable to join in the action right away.

The studio annouced via Twitter that Elyon's CBT1 would be extended by 24 hours, meaning it will now shut down on May 11th at 1am PT/4am ET. 

Since the issues were cleared up, the team has been streaming Elyon over on Twitch, with today's stream focusing on some of the Realm War action Elyon brings to the table. You can check it out over at Kakao's official channel. Additionally, throughout the beta period Elyon has been running  contests, with today being the day they draw the winner of their character creator contest. 

It definitely hasn't been all rosy for Elyon either after that initial hurdle, as the beta has pointed out some pretty major flaws they need to work out before launching in the West later this year. From outrageous input latency, to issues with Trade and even the much anticipated RvR content having issues last night, Elyon's first closed beta in the West definitely highlighted some issues to work on ahead of the next test later this year.


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