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Elyon Update Ups the Level Cap, Adds New RvR and Events, and Locks Out Players With Too Many Characters

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If you had more characters created than the number of remaining slots after last month’s server merges, you won’t be able to log into or enter Elyon at all until you delete some down to the max number of slots. This change came in today’s update after a grace period of about a month for those who would be affected to be able to sort out their accounts. 

Elyon’s server merges left each region with just one server, so it was possible to be left with more characters than available slots. The team warned of what to expect when the merge process began, but there was still some time to make necessary changes before you were locked out completely. Now, that’s over.

Other changes in the update include a brand new level cap of 52, a new RvR world quest, a Pirate Ship Fighting World Tournament quest, class balance, and a couple of new events.

One of the new events is called Celebrating Commander’s Training Field. This marks the addition of, what else, the Commander’s Training Field, and you’ll be able to earn rewards by participating. If you win, you’ll get Training Field Badge x8 and if you lose or draw, you’ll get four. Collect these during the event period (which ends on March 30th, before maintenance), and exchange them for rewards. These rewards include a series of enhancement and enhancement reset items.

Another event, It’s a Wonderful World, also runs as a world event for the next two weeks. This one will let you compete in various events, like Fish Rock, where 100 players compete and the one that catches the heaviest fish wins. 

The Pirate Ship Fighting World Tournament lets characters level 46 and above in groups of 5-12 get into it in a free for all. Everyone else is your enemy, so get to fighting. If you defeat enemies, you get points, but you also get points by surviving too. 

For more on the update and full notes, including class balance changes, head over to Elyon.


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