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Elyon Update Sets the Stage for Server Merges and New Mana Awakening Season

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The latest patch for Elyon changes the seasonal decor from Christmas to New Year’s and begins the wrap for the winter event. More importantly, it sets the stage for both upcoming server merges and the new Mana Awakening Season beginning next week.

Server merges are coming, though the timeline is nothing more than a goal of mid-February as of now. There will be one regional server for Europe and one for North America. There haven’t been any solid details announced as to how it will happen but step one on the way there is now live. As a result of last week's announcement, current EU servers, Sagittarius and Perseus, and Eridanus in North America are no longer allowing account creation as of today. Players on those servers can continue playing as normal as the team continues preparing for merges.

In both factions, all the Christmas decorations have been replaced with New Year’s ones and the 30 minute playtime reward has been changed back to Laurel Wreath x30. Some quality of life changes such as the server selection window is now going to display how many characters you have on any server.

The Mana Awakening season will end and a new one, Month of the Marksman, will begin on January 12th after maintenance. Season rewards will be given on January 12th based on what mana level you had that day. The Mana Awakening reward UI also gotten an update ahead of the new season.

Other changes include a reset of Honor Points after the January 12th maintenance with rewards calculated based on your rank during today’s maintenance. If you have any points left you’ll need to use them before the reset. January 12th is also  both when the new Archer class is coming and the deadline for using all Christmas item exchange tickets or snowflakes to grab some rewards.

For more on today’s update see the notes over at Elyon.


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