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Elyon Update Opens the Holiday Seasonal Events and Brings Stage 2 of Ignous the Pyro Raid

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Time to get festive in Elyon, with the holiday events getting started with new rewards, login bonuses and a treasure hunt. The update also introduces stage 2 of the Ignous the Pyro raid.

If you’re playing Elyon after today’s update, you may notice holiday decor and a new Jolly Attendance reward waiting for you. These rewards will feature  a different item each day  from today through January 12th. The whole collection is 28 days and when you log in, you'll be able to claim that daily Item. Comes along with a new change to the attendance reward calendar system in this update. Daily check-ins will be cumulative, so instead of just rewarding the exact day when you check in you'll get rewards relative to the last day you checked in. The final week of the reward calendar will have some filler items to help you catch up to claim that month's grand reward.

Santa's Festival Missions were also added, which get you rewards, a new achievement, Christmas item exchange tickets which you can exchange for items like a Safe Enhancement tool, Refined Weapon or Armor Enhance Stone, Hunting EXP gain 100% potion and more. The other holiday event is called Festival Treasure Hunt. This event, Festival Treasure Chests will spawn in several areas at 30 different spots per Realm and they will respawn every 10 seconds. In order to open the chests you'll have to get a festival treasure key, which you can get through the 30 minute playtime reward.

A work-in-progress, stage 2 for the Ignous the Pyro raid has been added. Considering that the team will keep tweaking difficulties to make sure the raid is competitive but accessible, stage one sees Ignous’ HP reduced by 80%. The new stage requires character level 46 with item level 650, comes with new drops, and there’s also a new raid quest.

For the full details on the update, head over to Elyon.


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