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Elyon Update Ends Some Events, Cleans Up, And Freezes Luxury House Moves Ahead of Server Merge

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Elyon continues preparing for the upcoming server merges for the game happening on February 16th. Today’s update brings some minor changes, ends the Lunar New Year and Snowman’s Wish events, and is otherwise mostly a clean up and prep patch.

Elyon's upcoming server merges will happen soon and once that's done both regions will be left with one server each. The ongoing process that players have to make sure that they are ready for the server merge is on now. Players who have bought extra character slots and have more than 7 characters on the server have to make some decisions about which characters they want to delete. 

This week's patch ended two events, the Lunar New Year event and the Snowman's Wish event and removed the Blessed Laurel Wreath as an exchange item and close the protection Transcendent runestone exchange shop completely. Realm War Merchants have been removed, continuing the unification of access and changing what was more focus on Realm War but is now a series of RvR events and new content.

In terms of server merges, the team has made it so that you will no longer be able to move into luxury houses or pay any taxes on them until the server merge has happened. If you have already paid fees and taxes when moving in, they will be consumed as regular but you won't actually be able to move in or pay taxes now.. All luxury houses will reset during the merge, so this is just one of many preparations that will continue to take place until the merges happen. 

If you want to make some changes before the server merge happens, you’ll have to be sure you know what will happen to your clan, your realm assignments, pets, rankings and more and decide how to proceed before the merge in two weeks. 

For today’s patch, see the notes over at Elyon.


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