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Elyon Update Adds Previously-Delayed Ignous the Pyro Raid and Special Boxes for New Characters

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Elyon gets a new, 10-man raid in its latest update, which also brings some goodies for new characters to help them along, bug fixes, and some adjustments to skills.

The new raid, Ignous the Pyro, is being implemented in stages. This is the raid that the team previously postponed to adjust difficulty. Their solution for implementing this raid is to do it in stages, with this new arrival being stage 1. According to the update notes, the more difficult formats will be coming later as stage 2 and stage 3. But for now, everyone can enjoy this new raid by getting together a group of 10 players at a minimum character level of 43 and with item 475+. Assault team captains can apply for entry and everyone can get ready to go after the raid resets every week on Wednesday 9 a.m. UTC. If you're victorious you'll be able to claim your rewards. Along with the raid, there are new achievements and rankings.

Another change is an offering to welcome new characters. A new item, Growth Boxes, will help characters and alts on their journeys. These boxes become available starting at level 23 and each box you open will also give you a box of a higher level that you'll be able to open once you hit another milestone. These boxes will give  some helpful loot to continue with on your journey And of course the incentive to keep going higher and higher to get better boxes.

There's a quality-of-life update in that you can now invert the y-axis of the camera just by going to controls under settings. And there are fixes that remove icons of gestures or a fact that you could not obtain as well as a fix for an issue where skill attribute item names were different from the names in the skill window.

For more, see the full update notes over at Elyon.


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