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Elyon Update Adds New Elyon Pass Rewards System and New RvR Airship Treasure Battle

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The latest Elyon update begins the Lunar New Year celebration, adds a new RvR event, and introduces the new Elyon Pass rewards system.

Lunar New Year is upon us and the event comes with a quest to complete for a Celebratory Rune Powder Pouch, which will let you get Rune Powder (x500) as a one-time reward. 

The Elyon Pass changes the way rewards are earned and sets new monthly tracks. It works similarly to pass-based rewards systems in other games, such as ArcheAge. With Kakao Games now responsible for both that franchise and Elyon, this makes sense. You’ll be able to complete activities and meet goals to earn rewards during the month. There are both free and premium tiers of passes, with the premium track unlockable via the Ruby shop. The introductory passes will be in February and the premium tier can get a new Luminous: Andromeda Constellation (Grade 1) which is loaded up with powerful bonuses to everything from EXP to drop rates to gold acquisition.

Other changes in the new update include another structural change to bring Realms together in the same space and adds a new RvR challenge. The Brawler’s Arena is now a single area where you can enter and also encounter those from the other Realm instead of simply being a divided location.

As for RvR, the Flying Dragon Pirate Fleet is the new addition, running three times a day. The 11-airship fleet will be made up of six convoys and five vessels, with the convoy monsters being ready to spring and easily aggroed. Each airship has a secret though - a treasure chest any player that gets to it can attack. Last player to hit will grab the items. After the treasure chest is destroyed, so is the airship.

The Demon System is also now active if you’re looking for something different. You can get into the Demon state by defeating players of the other realm or any player in Demon state in Harth. when you do so, you’ll earn a Bottled Soul. Collect these, up to 10 per day, and you can get access to the Demon state yourself. By doing so you’ll be able to access the Crow’s Village and complete quests only available to those in that state. 

For the complete update notes, head over to Elyon.


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