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Elyon Shares Some Details About Its Upcoming Second Closed Beta, Including Leveling Tweaks And More

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Elyon, the MMORPG formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm, laid out some of what players can expect in their upcoming closed beta test, kicking off in August. One major item of note is how the test will handle leveling, as well as the chance of checking out the MMO's in-game shop ahead of its launch later this year.

Elyon is planning on hosting its next closed beta test in August, though the team is wasting no time cluing interested players in on what to start expecting when they can go hands on again. In a post to the Elyon website today, the team behind the steampunk-inspired MMO laid out some of the changes players might expect going from CBT1 to CBT2.

This version of Elyon will be an updated version of the client, which the dev team states is "much closer to the Korean build than [they] did with CBT1." As such, the build will include many of the tweaks and balance changes brought to the live version in the months since the CBT1 build was finalized. The second closed beta will also include an additional class for players to sink their virtual teeth into: the Slayer.

"This will include many of the changes, updates and new features that have happened over the last few months and we'll start sharing some of the details with you over the next few weeks. The application process will be much shorter this time around and the number of participants far higher than CBT1. As before, there will be multiple ways to obtain keys, so keep an eye out in all our usual places."

One major point of interest will be how leveling will work in CBT2. The Elyon team states that leveling should be faster at level 40, with total experience gain increasing around 15%. This will seemingly scale as well, depending on the monster level.

"The overall amount of XP gained from killing monsters will increase starting on level 40, with an XP increase of 15 percent. This will make it easier to level up. Killing monsters of level 41 will give an XP increase of 20 percent, while monsters with a level of 42 and above will give an XP increase between 27 and 30 percent."

Additionally, if you were upset the cash shop wasn't enabled in CBT1, you'll be pleased to hear the team at KRAFTON and BLUEHOLE are working on making sure it's enabled in CBT2. The team is also promising that they are working on improvements to make Elyon "more suitable for the western market." These include improving the server infrastructure and game service platform, as well as making some development changes that will differ from the live Korean version.

You can check out the full post on the Elyon website. Also, yesterday the team broke down some stats from the first closed beta, including how the class breakdown shook out. 


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