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Elyon Server Merge Dated For Mid February, Details on What to Expect Released

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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When the news broke that Elyon would be merging its servers into one per region, the team made some changes to set up for the eventual move, but didn’t name a date or details until now. 

The server merges will take place on February 16th during the maintenance. After the work is done, Europe will have one server, Andromeda, and North America will have its own server, Cassiopeia.  If you expanded your number of character slots by buying tickets, when the merge happens if you have more than 7 characters,  you will get 1800 loyalty for every extra slot you bought, but you won't be able to enter the dungeons or the training fields. You'll also have a login queue if you want to switch characters. This is only for the first month because after March 16th if you have more than 7 characters you won't be able to even log in at all until you delete extras. 

If your characters belong to different Realms, then you will keep the highest level and XP character will maintain their Realm. If you have two or more characters at identical level and XP, your Realm  after the merge will be that of the character you last logged in with. If your characters realm is swapped, if you did not complete the first story quest The Return, those characters will be deleted. 

A number of things will be reset during the merge, like luxury housing, all production facilities, furniture, decorations, and housing related matters. Clan matters will also reset including registration, block list, invitations, missions, and research. Any open marketplace listings will also be canceled and items returned via mail. 

The details on the merges are definitely something you need to know if you’re an Elyon player. There will be many resets and placement based on a number of criteria the team has calculated will work best for the new combined populations. For a game that has been out for a couple of months, there may be a smooth transition but it’s best to be prepared anyway.

See the full list of what’s changing and required, and how you can prepare for the server merges over at Elyon.


Christina Gonzalez

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