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Elyon Reiterates Buy-To-Play Business Model, Talks Old Airship Elements And Showcases Character In Upcoming MMO

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Kakao Games is slowing pulling back the veil on their upcoming MMO, Elyon (the MMORPG formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm). In a FAQ posted in an Elyon fan server, CM Yukimura detailed some answers from the Elyon team to some of the burning questions surrounding the MMORPG.

In a Discord channel run by an Elyon fan-site Elyon-Air.com, Kakao's community manager Yukimura answered some of the burning questions surrounding Elyon: Ascent: Infinite RealmThe CM reiterated that the MMO will be buy-to-play here in the West, following the business model of the game in Korea currently, though the team also mentions again that there will be in-game purchases. The FAQ also touches on one of the major questions surrounding the name and mood changeof the MMO from its initial release: air combat.

The airship, Steampunk-vibe of Ascent: Infinite Realm when it was showcased at GStar 2017 was one of the features that set the MMO apart from others in the space. But since the name was changed to Elyon, it's looked more and more like another Bluehole game, TERA, rather than those early glimpses of A:IR. Yukimura addressed this when asked how much those initial A:IR combat systems would be seen in the finished Elyon.

"We are aware of the positive community’s feedback regarding the original air combat mechanics for Elyon, although we haven’t discussed this in depth yet, we may have plans on this for the future."

So while it's not outright ruling out those combat systems in Elyon, it doesn't look hopeful for those hoping to see them in the upcoming Closed Beta test the team just annoucned. The team also talked Elyon's content release schedule, stating that they are hoping to bring one to two classes each year to the MMO, as well as discussing a raid being worked on that would involve 20 players, as well as being open to the idea of guild content in the future.

On Elyon's official channels, the MMORPG from Bluehole and Kakao dove briefly in on one of the characters players will see in the MMO, Carmen Delgado.

Elyon is currently prepping for an upcoming closed beta test and while sign ups aren't ready just yet, interested players can make an account to be notified when those sign ups begin. If you want to see one of those classes in action, the team detailed the Greatsword-wielding Slayer earlier this year.


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