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Elyon Posts Closed Beta Game Guide Ahead Of Tomorrow's Test Launch

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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As players are busy pre-downloading Elyon's first closed beta test here in the West, the team behind the MMO have put together a handy game guide for those who will be sinking their teeth in the MMORPG formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm.

Elyon's CBT1 launches tomorrow and players can start to download the client ahead of time to prepare. While you're downloading, it might be worth heading to the Elyon website to check out their recently posted guide to get players into the game and what to expect from the experience over the course of the next few days.

It starts basic enough, explaining how account names work, as well as gives a basic glimpse at how character creation looks. Elyon features realm versus realm, and the beta will let you choose which one you want to side with after you've chosen your server. Just bear in mind, you can't change your realm once you've chosen. Players will be able to check out the realm war content during the beta as well, which is a massive fight consisting of 200 versus 200 players. These fights are 40 minute long encounters which see the two realms go at it on both Saturday and Sunday during the test. The guide has the times and location for the battles for those who want to participate.

Elyon is also going to host clan wars as well over the testing period, seeing groups of 10 go against other players over control of a fortress by capturing mana diggers. These clan wars will also take place on Saturday and Sunday of the test, going for two hours starting at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT each day.

Player housing will also be on display during this week's test, giving players the chance to check out the content ahead of this year's launch. Luxury homes are also going to be visitable as well, giving players the chance to check out both during the test.

Elyon is also hosting a character creation contest via its official Discord. Prizes for this contest include access to the second beta, full access to the MMO when it launches in the west, and more. Check it out on the official Discord channel.


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