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Elyon Posts AMA Follow-Up, Talks Battlegrounds, Russian Distribution, And Dailies

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Elyon hosted an AMA on the MMORPG Subreddit earlier this month, however there were plenty of questions they couldn't get to. So the team working on the upcoming MMORPG took a second crack on the subreddit to answer them.

In Elyon's AMA follow-up, the team touched on topics ranging from the game releasing in Russia (it will be, though they don'tm have a timetable yet), to the PvP Battlegrounds arena in the MMORPG.

One of the more interesting questions had to do with the meta as it currently is in the already released Korean version. The question touched on the ever changing meta, bringing up the fact that it shifts weekly. As such, Elyon has had reduced interest in Korea, which the team admits designing it this way was a mistake.

"We have realized that this was a mistake, so from now on we no longer plan to drastically change the meta and focus more on the current in-game balance from a long-term perspective. Additionally, we will be applying balance changes by adding additional content instead of simply applying new patches. Of course, this doesn't mean we will take our time to fix current live issues."

The team also talked about their plans for its small-scale battlegrounds, as well as the removed Sky Island Competition, and if they had any plans to implement those in the future, or with the launch of the Western version of the MMORPG. In response the team stating that while they "don't have any plans yet," if "demand for this is high" they could consider it. As such, the team states that they are focused on adding "content that is apt to Elyon." The Elyon team also confirmed they were currently working on "asynchronous PvEvP and competitive SvS PvP content."

Elyon also touched on the "addiction cycle of current MMORPGs" and how the team is planning on handling the psychological effect of needing to log in every day to do dailies versus the feelings of missing out and feeling punished for not logging into the MMO.

"It has its pros and cons. This sort of content can act as a guide for players on what can or should be done, and the rewards for completing these help user engagement. However, we are also aware that doing the same thing on a daily/weekly basis can be boring. We are finding ways to automatize this procedure and expect to have it applied before the official launch in NA/EU."

You can check out the full follow-up AMA on the MMORPG subreddit. If you missed the original AMA, check out our coverage of Elyon's first AMA here. Keep in mind too, the Elyon closed beta is fast approaching on May 6th.


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