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Elyon Opens Pre-Release Packages With Early Character Creation, Gear, and Cat Knights

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Since the decision to delay Elyon and retune the launch plans to release as a free to play game, developer Kakao Games shut down the game's web shop, which had been selling access packages that included the game. the shop has now reopened, and there is new info on the head start, new bundle options, and bonuses. And cat knights.

Elyon users who had bought a bundle prior to the original planned release could have obtained a refund or had their package converted to a 2,000 rubies currency package. The new packages and series of Founders rewards are new, however. There are three package levels, with every preorder getting the same three day head start. You'll be able to play on October 17th regardless of which you have, but if you buy a package, you will be able to log in and create your character early, on October 13th and get a special title. buying different package levels earns you some more starter loot.

The packages, Wayfarer, Expansion, and Expedition all include the early character customization, exclusive title, the head start, and a cat knight pet. Buying two packages (they are $30 for Wayfarer and Expansion and $40 for Expedition) will earn you an exclusive weapon for your class, and buying all three packages will get you an exclusive armor set. 

So what other differences are there between packages? The Wayfarer Package was the original preorder package, but now it has the 2,000+50 rubies currency instead of buying the game. It also includes the Glorious Wings Wingsuit, a hoverboard, a Siamese cat, and 5x resurrection scrolls. The Expansion package adds on with 1,000 additional rubies, extra storage slots, a permanent inventory expansion, and an extra character slot. The Expedition package has 2,050 rubies along with four items that grant bonuses for 30 days each. 

For more, check out the Elyon shop where you can find all info on the preorder items, bonuses, and more about the game before its launch.


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