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Elyon Opens Pre-Download and Releases Updated Schedule for Early Character Creation and Head Start

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Elyon team has updated with some good news following an initial delay to the pre-download option. Pre-download is now available and there's also a revised schedule for the lead up to launch, including early character creation and head start.

Pre-download was initially delayed by a backend issue, but is now available via Steam to those who have bought at least one of the available game packages. Pre-download is live as of 5am Eastern this morning, so anyone who has bought a package can get things set up anytime. 

Early character creation, the other pre-release perk that was affected by yesterday's initial delay also has a new schedule. this process will now begin right before head start, beginning on October 14th at 10am Eastern/2pm UTC. This period will last through October 17th at 4am Eastern/ 8am UTC. During this time, you can create up to three characters on one server open for each region and name them. While you'll have these names at launch, they won't be account bound, so they may be subject to release if you're inactive or for some other account reason.

Head start is still scheduled to begin on the 17th but this will now follow a maintenance held after the early character creation period closes. Head start will now begin at 8am Eastern / noon UTC. While you will be able to jump in and play during this time if you have bought any pre-release packages or had preordered Elyon before the free to play switch was announced, you'll still be able to buy a package and jump into the head start even if you buy it during the head start period.

For anyone who is still waiting for the full official launch to get into Elyon, that's still set for October 20th, at 10am Eastern/ 2pm UTC. There will be one server for North America and one for EU at first, with a queue set up available and decisions based on capacity as to whether more servers will come to be decided.

For the Elyon schedule and lead up to head start and launch, see the official announcement here.


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