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Elyon Launch Day Update Turns on Rankings, Tidies Up for Full Release

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Elyon is now officially live after getting a launch day patch. This came after a slightly longer maintenance than expected. The update tidies things up a bit, fixes some issues, and turns on rankings.

Now, after a successful head start, the free to play game is open to all. And this means rankings have been turned on and will reset after each week's maintenance

Some of the issues fixed in the new update include fixing abilities that weren't firing as expected, like the Elementalist's Elemental Explosion and Scorching Heat. Those two connected skills should now be ready. There are also several UI issues and tooltips for character growth, and some unclear instructions in the text. The marketplace item registration should now show prices when registering an item as well. Most of the launch updates and fixes are of the tidying up nature, which is a good sign.

When it comes to pets, there was an error when trying to register a pet in the pet UI that's now fixed. Given that some of the game's bonus packages included the Cat Knight pet, this should now let you adventure along with your critter friends.

There will be Twitch Drops for the next two weeks to celebrate the launch, so if you haven't linked your accounts yet, you'll want to do that if you're playing Elyon. The official streams that began on Sunday to mark the head start will continue through tomorrow, in case you’d like to take a closer look at Elyon before considering jumping in yourself. 

The free to play release and the date change should clear the way  a bit for Elyon to start to find its audience. With the game now live for all, and playable with just a download, we'll see how the Kakao Games release fares. See the full update notes, including rank rewards, here.


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