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Elyon Is Releasing September 29th Here In The West

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Elyon, the MMORPG formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm, will be hitting digital shelves here in the West on September 29th.

Announced a few years back as Ascent: Infinite Realm, the MMO now known as Elyon released last year in Korea. Since then the team at Krafton and Bluehole have been working on the Western release. September 29th will see the MMO officially launch here in the West, and while it's a digital game so chances are it won't sell out, the team is offering pre-orders on Steam starting today. 

Additionally there are multiple versions of Elyon to choose from, with the lowest version costing players just shy of $30. The base game will include a few items such as a Hoverboard Mount and more, while the more expensive tiers will also include what the developers are calling either an Expansion Package or Expedition Package.

The Expansion Package includes items like increased inventory space, a character slot expansion, vault storage and in-game currency to use in Elyon's Ruby Shop. The Expedition Package will include more in-game currency, both a storage and shop vendor you can call upon for thirty days, as well as an item called Star's Blessing, which really isn't described in detail, just that it provides you with "many blessings."

Each version of the MMO provides headstart access, with the most expensive package giving players a whole three days head start, while the base game gets a 24 headstart access. The Tier 2 package is either the Expansion or Expedition Package, which sells for $30 and $40, respecitvely. Players who pre-order will also get access to next month's second closed beta test. 

Elyon's next beta is coming next month and will also include the Slayer class and will see aspects of the game tweaked, such as leveling being a tad bit faster. 


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