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Elyon Headstart is Live - Free to Play Releases October 20th

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Elyon fans that have been waiting for the game to release since it was delayed back in September don’t have to wait any longer, as Headstart has begun! With only a few short days until the full release of the game and its new free to play business model, players that want to jump into the game sooner can do so by purchasing any of the extra packages on Kakao’s official website or through Steam.

For those that didn’t get to play Elyon during its beta tests, Kakao is encouraging those interested in checking out the game to join them on their pre-launch streams. Originally, Elyon was meant to be a buy to play title, but the team decided that a free to play model would be a better fit to stay competitive in the fast-growing field of MMORPG’s. The move was a direct nod to the release of Amazon Games Studios flagship title New World which was set to release in direct competition to Kakao’s Elyon, with a September 28th release date.

By smartly pushing the release out to October 20th, and changing the monetization plan to a freemium model, Kakao anticipates that the low barrier for entry will entice some players to give the game a shot, where they might not have during the release of New World. So far, the Headstart has been fairly smooth, with only a few minor hiccups up to this point. Earlier today the EU servers had an issue, but it was resolved quickly.

This server issues followed a short delay in kicking off the Headstart, which had to be delayed by about 30 minutes.

If you want to get into the game early, you can do so by heading over to Steam or Kakao’s official store and purchasing one of their packages, which will grant you access to the Headstart today, along with helpful in game items like storage and inventory expansion space, character slot expansions, Rubies for the in-game shop, and more.


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