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Elyon Getting Tons of New Content, 30-Man Raid, Hunting Grounds, Two New Classes, and New Realm War

Kakao Games has promised a lot of new content and changes

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There’s some major new content coming to Elyon, with a 30-man raid, two new very different Hunting Grounds, new battle and siege systems, two new classes, and more.

The reveals were made at the recent Kakao Now presentation, and represent the biggest changes to Elyon since the Western launch. While some of the changes are more practical, such as plans for controller support, and new PvE and PvP focused channels to support both playstyles without overlapping, many of the biggest changes are with new and improved content.

The new raid content lets 30 players face Irukas, a dragon that has eliminated his opponents at Dragon’s Arena and is waiting to see who else wants to challenge him. The raid is heavily focused on teamwork strategies, so you'll have to work with the rest of the players to evade his attack patterns and unleash strong attacks that can take him down.  

Two new Hunting Grounds will be added, with one under the sea. The Temple of Desire is a clan based hunting ground and you'll be able to attack any player from enemy clams, without regard to what faction you all belong to.  whoever isn't in your clan is an enemy. The other new hunting ground is called the secret see and it takes place underwater. You'll have to use a submarine to get there so submarines are coming to let you travel to see, visit Islands, end hunt monsters that are located at the bottom of the ocean. In the variety of content being added, there will also be a series of new boss monsters.

There's a new type of battle on the large-scale coming. Clans can get control over Mega Manamechs, which they’ll have to protect. These Mega Manamechs will also come in handy for the all new castle siege system in the works that will use them. Get ready to attack or defend a castle.

There are two new classes that have been announced, the Paladin and the Soulbringer. The Paladin wields a sword and shield and is a holy knight that will be able to both attack and support, so the dual-role options should lend some flexibility to teams. The Soulbringer is a melee class that is known for its speed, wielding a sword and the power to manipulate souls. This class will rely on combos that will allow them to swoop in and take down their enemies.

Also announced for the game is a new form of Realm War. Realm War was removed due to various issues and RvR events began as additional content, but the team wants to make a new version that takes into account prior issues and is a more balanced mass-scale PvP option. 

Read more about the massive changes and new content coming to Elyon over in the official announcement.


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