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Elyon Delays Early Character Creation Due to Backend Issue, With Fix Coming

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Elyon is set to launch on the 20th as a free to play title, with early access set for October 17th. However, there is a delay on one of the bonuses promised to those who bought packages - the early character creation.

The Elyon team announced today that there is a delay to their plans to allow pre-download and early character creation for those who supported the game with a purchase of pre-release packages. The character creation was set to begin tomorrow, October 11th, with the ability to download the game and spend time creating your character ahead of the general head start on October 17th. 

The update says that "our initial October 11th and 13th pre-download and character creation schedule have hit a bit of a snag", while emphasizing that the issue wasn't with the game itself but something to do with the platform backend. This means that the character creation perk won't be able to begin until the new build addressing the backend matter is fully approved by Steam. They estimate that this means a 48-hour delay. You can still also grab the available pre-release packages for Elyon, though the early character creation will happen a little later than expected.

However, this delay does not, at this time, seem to affect the course of the release head start on the 17th and the official launch on the 20th. With that in mind, the early character creation should be available this week, which still gives some time to enjoy this perk and be ready for the full release. So while this is not ready yet, pending the fixed build’s approval, Elyon does look on course to meet its current planned release dates. Since the game’s release plans have shifted and then with more details announced more recently, the transparency on this issue before it impacts anyone is a good move. 


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