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Elyon Closed Beta Test Stumbles Out Of The Gate, Beta Will Be Extended 'Accordingly' Per Developers

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Look, it's no secret that betas don't always start the best. Issues typically abound when cramming thousands of eager players into a new game right away. Elyon's beta test, which kicked off this morning, has been no different. 

Elyon, the MMORPG formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm, has stumbled a bit out of the gate with its beta launch this morning. From launcher issues to log-in problems, players haven't been able to hop into the MMO across the board. While there are plenty of people able to play, Elyon has stated that their current goal is to get everyone into the test as soon as they possibly can. As such, the team tweeted out this morning that they would be looking into extending the overall test "accordingly."

The team even scrapped their plans to go live with the MMO earlier this morning to deal with the launcher issues at hand in an effort to get more and more people into the beta test itself. Currently the team is dealing with issues on the North American server that is causing players to be unable to log into the beta test despite getting past the launcher. Right now, unless you're lucky, you're being greeted with the "select server" screen, only to have the MMO crash to desktop. 

Elyon's developers announced that they invited 20,000 people to the beta test, so it's not surprising there are issues. Every beta seemingly has them, though the real test will be if these issues persist when the game launches in the West officially later this year. There are plenty of people able to play the beta, as currently there are 12K people watching gameplay on Twitch at the moment. Hopefully more of those people will be able to jump into Elyon themselves soon. We'll be sure to update this story with any future updates from the team as they become available.


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