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Elyon CBT2 Receiving More PvP Features

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Elyon’s upcoming Closed Beta 2, or CBT2 as it’s more commonly known, is receiving more PvP features as part of testing. Read on for more details.

We recently shared news of CBT2’s upcoming dates. If you missed that, be sure to catch up here so you don’t miss your chance of checking out Elyon prior to release. As a quick recap, client pre-download begins August 16 at 10a ET, with CBT2 kicking off on August 18 at 10a ET.

CBT2 will include three new PvP arena modes. The first mode is called Captain Battle which two teams of three face off. However, it’s a bit different in that you select which player on your team fights first, second, and third. Then you fight the enemy in a 1v1 battle. This means if you are selected third, there’s a chance you won’t fight because your other teammates may have finished off the enemy team.

The second PvP mode is called Honor Arena. This will include a matchmaking with two other players as you face off in gladiatorial combat in a 3v3 mode. The final PvP mode is called Brawler Arena. Here, you’ll be able to fight against players of your own faction without any penalties.

The update also outlines Clan Wars where the new battlefield is Sky Garden. There are a few changes this time around, including starting locations:

  •  Windy Plantation, Malignant Boundary, Colossus Plains, Red Lion Plains, Ancient Spring
  • Jerem Marshlands, Executioner's Front, Steel Highland, Azure Wolf Plains, Machine Cradle

You can check out the full update here. In case you missed it, Elyon is slated for full release next month on September 29.


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