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Elyon Ascent: Infinite Realm Fan Video Breaks Down General Features In Upcoming MMORPG

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As beta testing for Elyon has been ongoing in Korea, fans in the west have been eager for info. One YouTuber, Hakurai, has posted a long video breaking down some of the mechanics and features in Elyon during the beta.

If you're unsure of what Elyon is, this is the MMO that was, until a few months ago, known as Ascent: Infinite RealmWith the change of the name came a seemingly new focus on the MMORPG, one that looks both similar and very different than the build I played at GStar 2017

Hakurai breaks down many of the different mechanics seen in the beta in his gameplay overview video. The 22-minute long overview shows off some pretty good information, such as how it doesn't look like (at least right now) class selection in character creation is race or even gender locked, as well as info on five-player dungeons, and features such as housing and crafting. It's definitely worth the watch if this is an MMO you've been looking forward to seeing ever since it was announced a few years back.

In an accompanying Reddit post, the team at Kakao and Bluehole seem to be bringing many features from their time with Black Desert and TERA, with Hakurai commenting that art assets from BDO have found their way into Elyon

It's an interesting dive into an anticipated MMO - especially one that went dark for so long after its major reveal a few years ago. While we wait for more info on the western release of Elyon Ascent: Infinite Realm, Hakurai's video definitely starts to fill in some gaps for those looking for more info. 

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