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Elyon Announces Dates for Closed Beta 2

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In case you missed it, CBT2 dates have been announced for Elyon’s second beta test. Read on for the details.

You may have know Elyon received a release date earlier for September 29. That’s when you’ll be able to check it out in the West on your digital shelves. In fact, the preorders opened up recently with signups for CBT2 also going live.

Fast forward a week or so and we have dates for CBT2. The dates and timings are as follows:





Applications open

July 26 14:00

July 26 16:00

July 26 10:00

July 26 07:00

Applications close

August 11 14:00

August 11 16:00

August 11 10:00

August 11 07:00

Applicant selection

August 13

August 13

August 13

August 13

Client pre-download

August 16 14:00

August 16 16:00

August 16 10:00

August 16 07:00

CBT2 starts

August 18 14:00

August 18 16:00

August 18 10:00

August 18 07:00

CBT2 ends

August 23 08:00

August 23 10:00

August 23 04:00

August 23 01:00

If you want to sign up for CBT2, you can do so here. We recently had the chance to interview Elyon’s Project Manager, Jim Lacorte, about CBT2. If you want to read up ahead of the beta, be sure to check out our full interview here.

For example, we asked about the build version of Elyon expected in CBT2. Jim explained,

“CBT2 will be based on an early-June build from the Korean service so there's a lot to go through; our community team will be making short summary posts which you can find on our website. Apart from the overall content updates we'll also be making EUNA-specific adjustments, some of which were inspired from feedback we have received from during CBT1.”


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