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Elyon Adds New Equipment Grade, Details New Market System Designed To Tackle RMT Concens

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Elyon's latest blogpost sees its developers breaking down the new equipment grade coming to the MMORPG, as well as tackle a new market system which is designed to take RMT concerns head-on.

Ahead of next months second closed beta test, Elyon is adding a new equipment grade, the "Knight's equipment." This new equipment grade will have lower stats than the more powerful Epic or Legendary items you can gather, however the Knight's equipment will be upgradeable with up to five enhancement slots. Kakao and Bluehole state that, through this, Knight's equipment can be "easier to reach higher levels."

"This time around, we're introducing a whole new equipment grade! While the newly added "Knight's equipment" has lower stats than Epic or Legendary gear, we are convinced you still want to be as knightly as possible. This equipment stands out in the regard that it has at least 5 enhancement slots, making it easier to reach higher levels! It can be obtained from the many monsters in Harth and in Dimensional Portals, and we already look forward to the chivalry this will bring to Elyon."

The new dungeons and Dimension Portals coming to Elyon will reward players with Transcendent Runestones, aimed at giving players a variety of abilities to mix-and-match, such as DMG reflection, fire enhancements, linked healing and more. 

Additionally, players will be able to upgrade, or "evolve" their gear from Epic to Legendary.

"Introducing the Equipment Succession System, which allows you to successfully upgrade Epic equipment to Legendary equipment! Equipment available for Succession must be +10 Epic grade or Breakthrough equipment. Once upgraded, your earlier successful enhancements will remain to ensure you can enter all upcoming battles the way you are already used to. Higher enhancement levels require more Succession Stones and Gold."

Also coming in the CBT2 test this August is a new market place which Elyon's devs state is meant to tackle the concerns players might have around real-money trading, or RMT. Elyon states that after working with Bluehole, the team has suggested changes to the marketplace to combat RMT transactions, such as min/max price listing, as well as a default price listed for each item being sold. The team states that these values will fluctuate given the sale history of the items. This market change will be testable during the CBT2 period.

Recently we spoke with Elyon's Jim Lacorte about the MMO and how the team is prepping for CBT2 this August. You can check out our full interview here.


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