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Elyon Adds a New Clan War Map, Delays 10-Man Raid to Adjust Difficulty

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 The latest update for Elyon includes a new Clan War map, some new loot for the Luminus Battle, and some system improvements. This update originally intended to include a new 10 man raid, but this is now pushed back to adjust the difficulty level.

The update adds a few quality of life updates, including a batch dismantle function to the inventory. There’s also an open multiple boxes check box that will let you open several random boxes at once. There’s also a mana awakening preset option so you can unlock up to eight presets via tickets from the Ruby shop.

In Clan War, there’s a new battlefield, Waving Citadel. You’ll be able to preview the map via the Clan War UI. Waving Citadel will start from the central floating shrine. You can’t battle or equip anything in the starting location but once you’re inside the battlefield, you can use your rocket jump or glides or even use mounts inside. When you leave the battlefield. you can change your gear if you need to. As your team goes through, if you are able to claim two of the five bases in the circular sit it out, you will cause a Ruthless Crown of Death. This triggers one minute of effects. Dealing PVP damage is increased by 20% and taking PVP damage is increased by 30%. You’ll also be able to detect hidden targets with a 40m range. 

Luminus Battle now has a new loot drop called the Lucky Luminous Gold Box. You can’t trade this box, sell it, or destroy it. You'll need a character item level of 500 to really have a chance for the drop since if you’re below this item level, the drop rate decreases. If you use a drop rate increase buff, the rate will adjust accordingly.

For details on the update, including bug fixes and known issues, see the full notes on the Elyon site.


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