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Elyon 2022 Roadmap Details New Classes, Raids, Dungeons, New Systems, and the Return of Realm War

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There's a brand new update for Elyon as well as a 2022 roadmap detailing some of what we can expect this year. Some of these features were initially announced at the Kakao Now show, but now we have an idea of the timeline.

Today's update for the game fixed issues and ended Spanish language support as previously announced.  While this week's update was small, plans for April and May look pretty big, with a new class, the Paladin, expected, gamepad support, a new 30-player raid, Irukas, a new Clan dungeon, and the introduction of the Combat Support System. 

The Paladin wields a sword and shield and they make use of auras to battle by using physical attacks and the light attribute. They can take on a dual role that requires tactical play. 

The Combat Support System will let you hunt automatically in a dimensional portal without having to grind a lot. The rewards will scale lower than other dimensional portals as a tradeoff.  This feature will be available for specific periods and not permanently. 

The new clan dungeon lets members take on the challenge together. Up to 50 players can share the challenge at once. The 30 player raid lets you face Irukas, a dragon that is known as the “King of Battles”. Avoid being scorched by his black flames and  with successful teamwork, you just might walk away with rewards.

June and July will see new Hunting Grounds. One is a clan-based Hunting Ground, Temple of Desire. This adds a PVP challenge and you'll be able to attack any player from enemy clans,  regardless of faction, In a competition to occupy the grounds for maximum profit. The Secret Sea is a new underwater hunting ground and will come along with the addition of submarines.

Also for PvPers, the new version of Realm War is coming. The team is working to reintroduce this feature in a way that addresses prior issues as well as makes sure that rewards are balanced. 

August and September should bring another new class, the Soulbringer, a sword-wielding melee class that manipulates souls. The new Manamechs and Castle Siege system is coming in this period, and a new 10-player raid.

in Q4 and beyond, there are just hints. These include another new class, a new continent, a level cap expansion, new main story quests and field bosses, new battlefield and competitive dungeon content,  a new dungeon and raid, and more. 

Read the full roadmap over at Elyon


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