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Elsword's New 'Pruinaum' Region Introduces Two Dungeons

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Elsword has received a new region called Pruinaum in its latest, bringing with it a brace of dungeons as it puts players on ice.

The update will see you explore a new world where one of the four Demon Lords, the White-Ghost King, lies dormant. The new region begins by introducing the two newest dungeons, Glacial Land and the Old Village Site. But if you get cold-feet, you can still gain a taste of the new region’s power with the “Taste of Pruinaum!” event that gives your character temporary access to all the rewards for the new dungeons.

A bunch of additional events are included in this latest update. You can login now through September 8 to claim your Pruinaum All-in-One Support Packages each week. Each Support Package includes many useful items to get your character setup for success including Accessories, Pets and some of the best Titles in the game like “Survival of the Cold” that grants high amounts of attack power.

Logging on during the weekends allows you to claim additional rewards to advance your character further. Each weekend will provide different rewards from the Apocalypse Type-Void Weapon Cube and Elrianode Armor (which are considered one of the strongest equipment sets in the game) to Philosopher Scrolls to level up your character.


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