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Elsword Opens Ara's 4th Path With New Events

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 There’s a new path for Ara in Elsword. The latest update brings her into a new phase with Ara’s fourth path opening up the way between light and dark as The Enlightened Sun awakens, according to KOG Games. 

Ara’s first path is Little Helper, and her second class is Marici. Her third is Surya, and this was where things were left off until now, but the fourth is now available with the latest update. The notes describe this new option for Ara like this:

A class that connects with the holy beast to utilize their various powers to attack enemies or support allies.

Attack Style: Magical Attack

Range: Mid-range

This extends her kit to another way entirely, and gives options for support or offense, depending how you want to play. 

With a new path also come new events and a collection. Ara’s 4th path El Search Party Collection has been added, with Synergy coming sometime later. Stages 1-3 are in now, and each gives an EXP gain bonus from 1-3%. Events run from now through March 22 (Ara’s 4th Path Update Celebrate Event) or the 29th, (Ara’s Benevolence and Guidance Event) and Ara 4th Path Update Event. 

Because there’s a new option now, character slots will be raised by one so that everyone who wants to play Ara’s new path can get a chance to do so. Other changes in the new update include a UI change that will now show a new PvP rank icon in game. Now if you fail to get to the next stage barrier before time runs out, your character will just die instead of slowly losing HP. There are also new alerts available that will sound if something in game happens, like a party request, but a player is idle.

See the full details and update notes over at Elsword.


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