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Elsword Begins Summer Event Pre-Registration and Pre-Events

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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It’s summertime in Elsword, and that means it’s time for their summer event. Read on to find out all you need to know about the pre-events and pre-registration information.

The summer Jumping Event pre-event is going on now and will run thought August 3, so you have plenty of time to jump in and check out he fun. This is meant to help you level up quickly to level 99. If you want to take part, you’ll have to make sure you’ve completed the Full Growth Support Event Characters. Additionally, keep in mind you can create one event character per account during the following dates:

  • 07/21/2021 – 07/27/2021 (23:59 PDT)
  • 07/28/2021 – 08/03/2021 (23:59 PDT)

The Jumping Event pre-event features chain quests for Ain, Laby, and Noah. For Ain, you’ll be unable to partake in Epic Quests, unable to join party/raids, and the event UI will be shown to you in dungeon selection screens. For Laby and Noah, rewards will be per level instead of doled out per village quest. You’ll also be able to join party/raids.

Additionally, you’ll be able to pre-register by August 2 through the official site to which will net you the following:

  • [Cobo] Elsword 2021 Pre-Registration Cube
  • [Cobo] 2021 Pre-Registration Costume Select Cube
  • [Cobo] 2021 Pre-Registration Accessory Support Cube including items such as Sage’s Magic Stones, Fighter Potions and many more

You can check out the pre-registration information here. Earlier this year, Elsword celebrated its 10thanniversary which featured a bunch of events and much more.


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