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Elite Dangerous Update Adds Interiors to Fleet Carriers, Lets You Sit Down, and Become a Bartender

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 A brand new update for Elite Dangerous has arrived on PC, following Frontier’s decision to discontinue active development on consoles. Update 11 includes a range of fixes and new content,  including interiors for Fleet Carriers that you can walk around in and enjoy.

Interiors have indeed arrived to Fleet Carriers including main areas like a main Concourse and a hangar lobby, a command deck with living quarters for the owner, and seating areas. Speaking of seating, it is also now possible to sit in all chairs and on barstools. You can also access your shipyard on foot now  and access  other optional areas like a bar, the Pioneer Supplies store, andthe Vista Genomics service desk. To make this possible, there are a few changes that have been made like the fleet carrier Livery is now moved into the same environments as outfitting and  the livery also features new Concourse themes. And if you're looking for some help on how to get started, the fleet carrier section of your Pilot's Handbook will describe the new features and also how you can use the new bartender functionality. In case you were looking for a new hobby.

New content is also in the update, with new Protect missions that let you defend delivery routes from attackers. These are meant to be challenging, and it's recommended you have teams to help you defend while also accounting for a time-sensitive response. Because of the additional requirements and difficulty, rewards will also scale. To accompany the Protect missions a new cargo loader has been added to  various settlements.

There are also a series of fixes and changes, with a number of them being broken audio and improvements across art and UI. Several optimizations to rendering and visual effects should improve both performance and overall look on different systems. Overall, the update represents Elite Dangerousnew direction forward, with continued work from Frontier on making the game better and improving performance. Using a single codebase going forward is in line with all of that.

Read the full update 11 notes over at Elite Dangerous.


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