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Elite Dangerous Update 14 is Live After a Slight Delay

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Elite Dangerous Update 14 is now live! If you’ve been following the Galnet, you know that the Unidentified Interstellar Anomaly (UIA) has multiplied and the current trajectory has all of the anomalies moving toward the Bubble.  That all changed this morning at 7:00 UTC when the servers for both Horizons and Odyssey went offline for 8 hours of downtime to prepare for a new update. After some delays, the update officially went live.

The UIA, a rogue signal named Taranis, is expected to be in the Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6 system today. The speculation and assumption is Taranis and the other rogue signals, sometimes called “stargoids” or “Thargoid stars” will be the narrative focus of the newest update in Elite: Dangerous. Aside from the Thargoid narrative being continued, Frontier is being purposefully coy to allow players to experience the content for themselves.  

The continuing narrative of humanity’s struggle against the Thargoids may be the highlight, but this is a massive update to Elite Dangerous. Frontier announced that the update will require an additional 4.98 GB of hard drive space. That brings the total for Elite Dangerous Odyssey to 55 GB. 

Other key features of Update 14 are increased payouts for first time organic scans, both the base payout and the multiplier, an invisible wall keeping players from reaching Selene Jean, and other notable quality of life issues brought up by the Elite Dangerous fanbase.  

Frontier is also fixing a number of issues with AI, Art, UI, and stability like Thargoids getting stuck in their dying state or worse, humans getting stuck in their death animations. 

There was a boost to performance in AX conflict zones.  A problem with engineers' invitations being sent out in the wrong language has been fixed.  The list goes on and on.  For anyone who wants to dive even deeper, Frontier has posted the full patch notes on their website.  

UPDATE: Frontier is reporting some connection issues.


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