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Elite Dangerous Releases 2022 Roadmap Overview, Including Details on Console Profile Transfers

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Frontier has released a 2022 roadmap for Elite Dangerous, and it  includes plans for players to be able to transfer their console profiles to the PC version that will continue live development.

When it comes to console profile transfers,  you will be able to copy one profile on a one-time-only basis to the PC version. Most elements will be copied but some will not, but the team details all the information in the new blog. If you copy a console profile to the PC version, your console profile will still remain there to play should you ever want to return to it.

The update pace will change, with monthly development posts going away in favor of detailed notes upon release when the following updates are out, along with streams on Thursdays every fortnight. 

As for those development plans? This is the general roadmap for 2022 and in general their focus is the next phase of the narrative. There are three more planned larger updates to continue supporting the narrative as well as increasing performance and optimizing the experience. The first of the new scheduled updates is set for this month and includes a new mission variant, increased stability and optimization. This is update 12. The hints about the narrative are few but here's what Frontier has presented: 

“Within the narrative, human space balances on the precipice as tension mounts within the bubble. The Azimuth Saga will conclude in a grand finale event, the consequences of which will mark the beginning of the next stage of the Elite story in Update 14.”

It’s an intriguing tease for whatever is coming next, but it will take some time to get to that decisive update. Update 13 is planned for August, and it features some more narrative content.. This update will also continue to provide stabilization and optimize the game just like the May update. However, November 2022 is when the next major narrative phase will begin in update 14. 

In early 2023, they promise a “key feature overhaul”.

For more, see the update, including full details of console profile transfers,  over at Elite Dangerous.


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