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Elite Dangerous Receives Hotfix Addressing Engineering Materials

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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More hotfixes are inbound for Elite Dangerous’ troubled launch of their latest expansion, Odyssey. Details are below.

Odyssey has been experiencing a pretty rocky start since officially releasing out of alpha last week. Numerous reports of bugs and crashes were reported and have been addressed in various other hotfixes.

One rather prevalent error is one affecting engineering materials. This particular issue sees materials removed and replace with only the amount of materials you earned on the previous mission. Naturally, this is a problem. To that end, Frontier has deployed a hotfix and provided the following statement on their forums,

“We were made aware of an issue affecting Engineering Materials that we wanted to fix as quickly as possible. To that end, a hotfix is currently being deployed for Odyssey. This is not expected to disrupt your gameplay or require any downtime.Thank you for highlighting and reporting any issues you experience. The dev team will continue investigating and fixing them as they come in.”

Elite Dangerous has been getting review bombed on Steam of late due to the prevalent issues plaguing Odyssey at the moment. One such review specifically calls out the inconsistent performance and seemingly rushed nature of its release,

“We paid money to be alpha testers, After that we're handed a beta with more bugs then when god sent locusts after some poor Egyptians, but don't worry everyone, the game is playable--- Oh wait the servers just went down after an hour. ooopsie poopsie.This is no longer a product of passion, this is a product of a corporate cash grab, For the great price of 34,99 you too can be segregated from all your friends who didn't want to buy the expansion.”

In fact, you can catch some of these issues from our own live stream this past Saturday below. Stay tuned for our review of Elite Dangerous Odyssey soon.


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