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Elite Dangerous players have discovered a Ghost Ship Full of People

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Someone found a ghost ship in Elite: Dangerous and it’s filled with people.

As reported by Polygon, streamer Malic_VR came across a generation ship meant to ferry humans across space. Because they’re traveling at subluminal speeds, multiple generations of human beings are born and die on the ship until they reach the destination.

Such ships have been discovered in Elite Dangerous before, but none have had people on them. Malic_VR arrived at the ship having followed radio signals where he was greeted by a human voice. It was the captain, an NPC named Jonathon Forester, requesting aid. The ship was found in the system Upaniklis.

Catch the stream below where Malic_VR and crew are attempting to gather more data about the ship and its crew.


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