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Elite: Dangerous Patch Notes Fix Fleet Carrier Bugs

Still some known issues

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Elite: Dangerous patch notes address fleet carriers, mining, and more.

Fleet carriers, which saw their debut last month, see a few bug fixes. For example, there was a bug which halted transactions in the Fleet Carrier market if that transaction amount was larger than the remaining unreserved credits. That bug has now been fixed. Additional fleet carrier specific notes include:

  • An issue which occurred when setting the price of a commodity on a Fleet Carrier to greater than 1 million credits was fixed.
  • Salvage commodities normally limited to search & rescue contacts, like Black Boxes or Personal Effects should now work correctly at Fleet Carriers in the open and black markets.
  • An issue which lead to some Fleet Carriers having a service only partially installed was fixed. Affected carriers have now had any of these services properly installed, but with some small side effects (see Known Issues for details).

The patch also touches on a few mining bug fixes, plus avatars, the early game experience, and Arx. The team notes there are still some known issues for fleet carriers, for example, the issue with the capacity of overfilled carriers. You can check out the full patch notes here.


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