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Elite Dangerous Odyssey's Update 12 Brings New Criminal Mission To The Sandbox

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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If you've been playing on the darker side of the Milky Way, Elite Dangerous Odyssey now has a mission variant that will let you lean in harder on the wrong side of the law. Update 12 brings a new criminal mission, as well as shipyard terminals to settlement prisons.

The new mission type comes as a variant of the existing Settlement Defence mission, allowing players to support criminal factions. If you happen to find yourself thrown in prison, though, you'll be happy to know you're no longer required to hire a space taxi to shuttle you back to your ship. Instead, you can now simply call your own thanks to the inclusion of the shipyard terminal.

Alongside these updates are bug fixes, tweaks to AI, as well as the ability to access more UI elements while seated. Elite Dangerous Odyssey's Update 12 also brings with it a multitude of changes and tweaks to fix audio bugs, character issues, and much more. You can check out the full break down on the Elite Dangerous website.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey has had a less than smooth landing since launching in 2021, with the issues becoming so bad that developer Frontier needing to pull the plug on the console version of the space sim altogether in order to fully focus in on the PC version. Console players can get a free copy of the title on PC should they choose to continue their space-faring journey. 


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