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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey's Alpha Launches Today With Phase One Of Testing

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Elite Dangerous' anticipated Odyssey expansion is coming out this year, and PC players can start to check out some of the upcoming content as the Alpha launches today.

While all of the content won't be available at the start, as the team recently announced that the test will split into four distinct phases, the Alpha rolls out today giving Commanders a glimpse of what's to come. Phase One is all about the First Steps of getting Odyssey up and running, with the team focusing on the core systems of the expansion as well as networking. The Alpha has been going for a few hours now, with players encouraged to provide feedbackin the official Alpha forums.

Phase One will see Elite Dangerous testers confined to one system for now as the team is trying to "maximize player interaction." While players won't have access to spaceships in this phase of the test, an in-system travel system will be available to players who wish to see more of the system during the phase.

From the press release:

Phase 1: First Steps. Focusing on Odyssey’s core systems and network features, Phase 1 will group all Commanders in a single star system to maximize player interaction. Players can purchase the Remlock Maverick scavenger suit and the Takada and Kinematic weapon sets, and take part in a selection of activities, including salvage, collection and delivery. Players will not have access to spaceships at this stage, but in-system travel will still be possible thanks to the new Apex Interstellar feature.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey's future phases will allow players to travel beyond the system in starships, broadening the second test to a bubble of 20 Lightyears from the starter system. More mechanics will be added over time, with Phase 2 bringing combat, while Phase 3 will zoom in on the exploration side of Odyssey, including the First Footfall mechanic. It won't be till Phase 4 when testers can fly their own, personal commanders in the test, bringing in things such as SRVs and Fleet Carriers to the mix.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is launching this Spring on PC, with console versions to come later this year. Centering on bringing on-foot, first person gameplay to the space-sim MMO, this will mark the first time players can disembark and walk around the various planets and stations Commander's have visited for years. To see Odyssey in action, make sure to check out their recent walkthrough of one of the various missions you'll encounter in the expansion.


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