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Elite: Dangerous Odyssey Stream Explores Planetary Exploration

Suits on the Ground

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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The latest developer diary for Elite: Dangerous Odyssey answers questions you probably didn’t even know you had. The stream that lasted over an hour talks about everything from the suits you wear while exploring planets, to the kinds of missions you may find yourself completing.

The entire Discovery Scanner Dev Diary was broken down on the Elite: Dangerous reddit for easy reading, but here are some highlights that are worth mentioning.

  • Three types of social hubs, in starports, outposts and surface ports
  • Can negotiate for mission rewards from mission givers
  • Suits can be upgraded and customized
  • Suits mustbe worn outside of stations. Suits will have shields, battery powered
  • NPCs can attack you unprovoked

More information was delved into throughout the entirety of the stream, as information came flooding in about the update that the developers consider as “the larges update Elite has ever had”.

Elite: Dangerous recently let players know that the Horizons expansion will soon be free, starting October 27th.  The huge Odyssey update will be the first time players will really get to explore planets on foot, without vehicles, with plenty of things to discover and missions to complete.


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